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Just Soap Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are for continental US states only. All orders will be shipped USPS Priority or Select.

*Please note it is actually cheaper per quantity
to order 3# of seconds over 2#
and 10 bars over 8 bars
even though you cross a shipping Price Level
!(see per bar pricing below)!

Charges for Shipping are as follows:

0 - $25   $6.50     81¢/bar avg

$25 - $50   $7.50    57¢/bar avg

$50 -- $75   $8.50    40¢/bar avg

$75 and up   $9.50    32¢/bar or less

*The more you order the cheaper it costs to ship each bar *

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Email mail@justsoap.com with any questions,
or call our toll free line at 413.625.3366