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** Just Soap has gone Solar !! **

In addition to using pedal power to mix the soap, Just Soap installed PV Panels on the Soap Shop in 2014 and has been generating much of its energy usage from the system.

Sustainable Palm Oil Producion

The source of our Organic Palm oil is a company called Agropalma Brazil. In a 2012 report on sustainable Palm Oil production, Greenpeace rated Agropalma Brazil as the #1 most sustainable supplier in the world and highlighted its work as "a blueprint for the rest of the palm oil industry to move towards responsible production." The principle concern over sustaniablily is in relation to conventional palm oil production. We only source Organic RSPO Certified Palm Oil from Agropalma Brazil.

Here are links to some reports and articles on sustainable Palm Oil production.  
Foodnavigator Article
Greenpeace Report
Agropalma Brazil Social and Environmental Responsibity

How long does it take to make the soap on the bicycle?

It varies depending on the particular soap I am making, but it usually takes me about 3 hours of pedaling to thicken up the soap for pouring.

How difficult is it to pedal the mixture?

Actually it is not difficult at all, at least at the beginning. The consistency of the mixture is much like oil and water in the beginning stages of the process. It gets thicker and therefore more difficult as the mixing proceeds. By the end, the last 30 minutes or so, the pedaling gets quite difficult and is hard to maintain. Luckily that means it is done!

Why did you decide to use a bicycle?

I used to make the soap by hand stirring and found that it was taking me so long and I could only process 80 pounds of soap at a time. I love to bike and it dawned on me that legs are much stronger then arms and so why not try to mix the soap with a bicycle. That was the idea and I searched for a bicycle builder who would help me design and build the contraption I now use.